Sunday, November 25, 2012

Creativity Tips: Learning from the Mundane

During the course of a day, you will encounter thousands of different objects that you typically ignore because they are simple and mundane.  Try taking the time to study some of those objects.  Everything, whether man made or natural contains fruits of creativity.  Take loose change for example.  You use it often and probably have some in your car's console in case you need it.  You don't really think about it until you want to spend it on something, but if you study it closely, you will notice that a lot of creativity of thought went into making it.  Someone had to decide who's likeness would appear on the coin and what artwork would go on the back.  In the case of quarters, you'll find many different works of art on the back... one for each state.  And many different artists likely submitted ideas, of which only one was chosen.  Then someone had to decide mix of metals to use for the coin and what size to make it.  And even more amazing, someone had to make a machine that produced the quarters on a massive scale.

You can literally go through this exercise with anything you see, and by doing so, it helps you see applied creativity.  This, in turn, will help you think more creatively about your next work of art, book, term paper, new product... anything.

One last thing to note:  If you have kids, make sure you do this with them often,  As they get older, they will learn to see creativity in the simplest of objects, and quite often, they will ask questions that you might not think of.

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