Speaking Engagements

Brant Waldeck speaking at Bailey Middle School
Brant is available to speak at schools, libraries, book stores, or just about any place he can inspire young creative minds. He will speak about the creation of the Bruten & Tommy story and creativity in general, often engaging the group in collective storytelling.

The aim is to inspire young creative minds.

Speaking engagements typically take one hour and are highly interactive, involving the audience members throughout the presentation.

"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!  I have students that want to finish the story you started in class."

- Richard Goodman
Teacher and head of the Science Fiction Writing Club
Bailey Middle School

I want to thank you for showing my students that writing is something to get excited about. They really enjoyed you and I would love to have you come back and speak with them again.

- Javonya Tyler-Etienne M. Ed.
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Bradley Middle School

Thank you for helping us put the writing pieces together.  You have a great presentation!  And since you've visited, every time I ask a question as to why something is done in writing and reading, the students will talk about your lesson! :)

Kathy Nelson
5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Lake Norman Charter School

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

June 6, 2013
Cornelius Elementary
5th grade literacy classes

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